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manualPerfect Christmas GT-TL-ww-01
Read and keep operating instructions
The operating instructions belong to these LED
twig lights. They contain important informa-
tion regarding initial use and handling.
In order to improve the comprehensibility, the LED
twig lights will hereinafter only be referred to as “twig
Before using the twig lights, read through the oper-
ating instructions carefully, particularly the safety in-
Failure to comply with these operating instructions
can lead to serious injuries or damage to the twig
lights. The operating instructions are based on the
valid standards and rules in the European Union.
Please also note the country-specifi c directives and
laws abroad. Keep the operating instructions for fur-
ther use. If you pass the twig lights on to third parties,
please also ensure that you pass on these operating
Explanation of symbols
The following symbols and signal words are use in
these operating instructions, on the twig lights or
on the packaging.
This signal word indicates a hazard
which could lead to death or seri-
ous injury if it is not avoided.
This signal word warns of possible
damage to the product.
This symbol gives you useful infor-
mation about assembly or operation.
Conformity declaration (refer to “Conformity
declaration” section) Products that are
marked with this symbol fulfi l all applicable Com-
munity regulations of the European Economic Area.
For indoor use only
Protection class III: Articles in this protection
class are operated with safety extra-low voltage
WEEE Symbols
(refer to “Disposal” section)
Intended use
The twig lights are exclusively for lighting house-
hold interiors. They are not for room lighting.
They are exclusively intended for private use.
The LED twig lights are not a toy.
Only use the twig lights as described in these oper-
ating instructions. Any other use shall be regarded
as improper and can lead to property damage or
even injury to persons.
The manufacturer or retailer shall not assume any li-
ability for losses caused by intended or improper use.
Safety instructions
Explosion and
chemical burn hazard!
Improper handling of batteries may cause a risk of ex-
plosions or chemical burns from leaking battery fl uid.
Do not expose the batteries to intense heat and
do not throw them into open fi re.
Always replace all of the batteries of the twig
lights at the same time and with the same type of
Do not short-circuit or dismantle batteries.
Never try to charge non-rechargeable batteries.
Avoid contact by battery uid with the skin, eyes
and mucous membranes.
Do not remove the battery fl uid with bare hands.
When coming into contact with the battery uid,
immediately rinse the affected areas with plenty
of clear water and contact a doctor.
If you do not use the twig lights for a longer peri-
od of time, remove the batteries.
Remove and dispose of used batteries directly
and properly.
Keep the batteries away from children.
If batteries are swallowed or enter the body in
another way, immediately contact a doctor.
Strangulation and
suffocation hazard!
Children may strangle themselves or swallow sup-
plied small parts and suffocate, if they play with the
twig lights.
Do not let children play with the twig lights, the
batteries or the packaging.
Use the twig lights out of the reach of children.
Store the twig lights out of the reach of children.
Electric shock hazard!
Improper handling of the twig
lights may result in electric shock.
Do not operate the twig lights if they show visible
Do not make any modifi cations to the twig lights.
Allow repairs to be performed by a specialist work-
shop, in order to avoid hazards and damage.
If the LEDs of the twig lights or the connection
cable are damaged, the twig lights must be dis-
posed of.
Do not immerse the twig lights in water or other
Overheating and fi re hazard!
Improper handling of the twig
lights may lead to overheating and even fi re.
Do not operate the twig lights, if they are still in
the packaging.
Do not place the twig lights on or near sharp and
ammable objects.
Do not wrap the fairy lights around highly am-
mable materials.
Do not connect the twig lights electrically with
other fairy lights.
Do not shorten the fairy lights of the twig lights.
Risk of damage!
The LEDs of the twig lights cannot
be replaced.
Check scope of delivery
Risk of damage!
If you open the packaging without
due care and attention using a sharp knife or other
pointed objects, the twig lights may easily become
Proceed very carefully when opening.
Remove the twig lights from their packaging.
2. Check whether the delivery is complete:
- 10 LED twig lights with connection cable and
battery compartment.
- 2 decorative branches without lighting.
- 3 x LR6 (AA) / 1.5 V
- Operating instructions with guarantee card
Check whether the twig lights or individual parts
are damaged. If this is the case, do not use the twig
lights. Contact the manufacturer via the service ad-
dress stated on the guarantee card.
Risk of damage!
Incorrectly inserted batteries may
damage the twig lights.
Pay attention to the polarity +/- that is printed inside
the battery compartment and on the battery.

User Manual


MODEL: GT-TL-ww-01
0800 / 328 6020 00800 / 4467 5888
Everyday Amazing
Only insert the batteries into the battery compart-
ment with dry hands.
Only replace the batteries with the same type of
Do not use old and new batteries together or batter-
ies with a different charge level.
Insert/replace batteries
1. Slide the battery com-
partment lid 1 of the con-
trol unit in the direction
of the arrow in order to
open the battery com-
2. Remove any old batter-
ies from the battery com-
partment and dispose of
them properly (refer to
“Disposal” section)
3. Clean the batteries and device contacts, if neces-
4. Insert 3 batteries of the type LR6 (AA), 1.5 V, into
the battery compartment according to the print-
ed-on polarity.
5. Replace the battery compartment lid.

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