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Congratulations on your choice of your Pfaff creative 2144!
As a sewing enthusiast, you have acquired one of the most advanced and innovative sewing
and embroidery machines in the world; it will enable you to transform all your creative ideas
into reality with unprecedented ease.
If you enjoy sewing to your heart’s content – without any compromises – this machine will pro-
vide the key to exquisite items of clothing, fashion accessories and home textiles.
Do you enjoy embroidering, or want to create sophisticated, distinctive highlights?
Excellent! Your Pfaff creative 2144 will enable you to experience a totally new dimension of
sewing and embroidery – and it is so easy to operate.
Switch on the machine and watch it light up. The multi-color touch screen welcomes you to the
world of unlimited, creative possibilities. Make contact – just a touch is all it takes.
Your machine has the perfect built-in information system: the “Creative Assistant”:
Your Pfaff creative 2144 has a “Creative Assistant” that guides you step by step through sewing
routines, and is always available as a source of helpful advice and information.
You can likewise ask the Sewing Assistant or Embroidery Assistant for advice at any time while
sewing and embroidering.
Before you start, please spend some time reading these Operating Instructions. Ideally, try out
the procedures being described directly on your new Pfaff creative 2144. This is the easiest
way to discover its many creative facets.
You will very soon discover how easy it is to operate your Pfaff creative 2144. User convenience
is a priority, as with all Pfaff sewing machines.
But we don’t want to keep you any longer. Give a free rein to your imagination. Your Pfaff crea-
tive 2144 is bound to become a dependable partner in all your sewing ventures. Our specialist
retailers will of course also be pleased to advise you at any time. Enjoy making your ideas
become reality.

With best wishes

VSM Group AB

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