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Thank you for your purchase of a Sumiko Oyster Series phono cartridge. Sumiko Oyster™ cartridges are
products resulting from over four decades of cartridge design. We believe that delivered high
performance can be achieved at reasonable prices. The Oyster™ line is the embodiment of this
philosophy. Oyster™ is your ticket of entry for the “high-end” – a world of high technology, where
companies go to great lengths to recreate music in your home. The Oyster™ Series offers superior
construction and sound quality with an emphasis on real world performance. Whether you have
purchased a moving magnet or moving coil Sumiko Oyster™, you can be assured of performance and
quality second to none. Enjoy your new cartridge.
Mounting: The stylus/cantilever assembly is the most fragile part of any phono cartridge. Please use
extreme caution while handling the cartridge and keep the stylus guard mounted whenever possible to
prevent damage during the mounting process.
Do not solder the leads to the cartridge terminals as excessive heat may permanently damage the
Once the cartridge is mounted, balance the tonearm for the proper vertical tracking force indicated for
each model cartridge (see specifications at the end of this manual). To set the tracking force, first balance
the tonearm. Locate the counterweight. On virtually all pivoted tonearms, it will be located at the rear of
the tonearm (meaning at the opposite end from the cartridge). Generally, it looks like a fairly large,
shallow cylinder, usually black in color and often has numbers (indicating grams of force) ranging from 0
to 3 or more printed on it. As you move the counterweight backwards, the cartridge end of the arm will
lighten (reducing stylus tracking weight), while moving the counterweight forward will increase the stylus
tracking weight. The first objective is to "statically balance" the arm, which is to achieve the proper weight
balance such that the arm "floats" level. Practice a bit and you'll find it's fairly easy to achieve. Remember
to exercise caution so that the stylus and cantilever are kept clear of any obstructions and are prevented
from striking anything that could cause damage. After achieving static balance, adjust the counterweight
to the desired tracking force by bringing the weight in toward the cartridge. Do not apply anti-skate until
the cartridge is aligned. This will be addressed later in the setup process.
We recommend the use of a high-quality alignment protractor to determine correct cartridge positioning
for the minimum tracking error. If none are available, follow the tonearm manufacturers guidelines for
overhang and offset angle. Then, tighten the mounting bolts.
Note: Do not over tighten the mounting bolts as this may cause damage to the cartridge and is not
necessary for optimum performance.


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